MLM Gelbvieh

presents our

2016 Open House Private Treaty
Kick-off Sale

Monday, March 7, 2016 • At the Ranch

35 Bulls • Gelbvieh & Balancer®
Red & Black • 100% Polled
Ultrasound Tested • DNA Tested
Fertility Tested • Satisfaction Guaranteed
Viewing at 11:00, Lunch at 12:00, Final Bids at 1:00

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Sires Represented:

Gelbvieh Sires
Traction, Black Impact, Super Duty, Cartwright, Post Rock F1 27A2 & Hart 35W34

Angus Sires
Image Maker 0415, Connealy Right Answer & Pine Coulee Emblazon W103

Red Angus Sires – Brown JYJ Redemption

Marlin Meyer
824 Road 3000 • Superior, NE 68978

For map and directions, please click here.

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Not able to attend?
No problem, view our bulls for sale online now!


Bidding Procedures for our Private Treaty Sale:

When you have made your selections of bulls (prior to 1:00 p.m.) place your buyer’s number on the card located on the board for that lot or lots.
At 1:00 p.m., the bulls with more than one buyer’s number will be decided by private auction. The bulls with the most buyer numbers will be bid off first. The bidders will be announced.

A deck of cards will be used to determine the order of bidding. Each bidder will select a card. The one with the highest card will own the bull IF the other bidders do not raise the bid on the base price. The person with the next highest card has the option to raise the price by $50.00 if they desire. Every card holder will have a chance to raise the bid. This will continue until only one buyer remains, giving every buyer the same equal opportunity to buy any bull we have to offer.

The unsuccessful bidders will have a few minutes to put their number on any other available bull. We recommend that you have your second choice in mind.

The bid-offs will continue until all bulls having multiple bidders have been sold.

If only one buyer number is on a bull – that person will own that bull at the base price listed.

Bulls not sold at the open house will be available for sale private treaty after that date.

First Season Breeding Guarantee:

Buyers of all bulls injured during the first breeding season, will have credit at the next sale at the value of the purchase price minus salvage value. Contact MLM Gelbvieh promptly so the decision to return the bull to MLM Gelbvieh or to sell the bull by the buyer may be made. Breeding season is defined as the “90-day period following the first turnout of the bulls.” In the event of death of a bull during the first breeding season, a credit of 50% of the sale price will be applied at the next sale for a bull.


When 1/2 of the total purchase price is paid at sale time, the balance will be carried forward interest-free until April 1. Total payment will be expected on bulls picked up sale day.

Delivery and Care Until April 1

Bulls purchased on sale day will be fed free of charge until April 1 at the purchaser’s risk. Bulls may be fed after April 1 at the cost of $3.00 per head per day. We’d be happy to discuss delivery of your bulls with you.

Semen Check and Guarantee

Each bull has been semen checked by Dr. Wulf from Red Cloud Animal Health, Red Could, NE. and guaranteed to settle healthy females.


$50 per head for bulls picked up on day of sale.

Quantity Discount

1% – Two head 2% – Three head 3% – Four head 4% – Five or more head