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0101HPOST ROCK POWER PLUS 84E1 ET120.97711823Black (Homo – D)“63”
0104HPOST ROCK POWER PLUS 84E1 ET120658316Black (not Homo – D)“75”
0108HPOST ROCK BLK BAL 106E810-0.1659723Black (Homo – D)“50”
0110HPOST ROCK BLK BAL 106E811-0.16910324Black“63”
0119HSCC TRACTION 88E17-1.28113230Black“25”
0125HPOST ROCK BLK BAL 106E812-1.3619422Black“50”
0131HPOST ROCK POWER PLUS 84E1 ET110.1709817Black (Homo – D)“75”
014HTRANSFORMER 254E44141.18112220Black (Homo – D)“63”
015HBGGR HIGH DEFINITION 8063E15-3.3528319Black“63”
016HTRANSFORMER 254E44120.17311319Black (not Homo – D)“75”
018HWOW FACTOR 254C282102.58513017Black (not Homo – D)“63”
023HCARTWRIGHT 140X7519-5526919Black“75”
02HPISTOL PETE 214A4415-3.1659111Red“94”
030HMEAD MAGNITUDE14-0.78313423Black (not Homo – D)“50”
041HBGGR HIGH DEFINITION 8063E15-1628119Black“88”
043HWOW FACTOR 254C282151.88612323Black (not Homo – D)“75”
044HBGGR HIGH DEFINITION 8063E15-0.8537719Black“63”
050HMEAD MAGNITUDE18-4.37512027Black“38”
056HANDRAS NEW DIRECTION R24013-2.76810820Black“25”
059HOPTIMIZER 148A2418-3.16810428Black“50”
05HEGL LIFELINE B10118-2.97410721Black“50”
061HOPTIMIZER 148A2414-0.96911126Black“50”
064HKAT NAPPER D26100.67810720Black (Homo – D)“94”
066HPISTOL PETE 214A4416-3.4597614Black“75”
070HWFL MERLIN 018A12-0.46910428Red“50”
071HBGGR HIGH DEFINITION 8063E101.6588713Red“88”
072HMEAD MAGNITUDE16-1.67512822Black (Homo – D)“50”
075HWFL MERLIN 018A13-3.5669627Red“50”
076HOPTIMIZER 148A2414-1.86710524Black (not Homo – D)“75”
077HKAT NAPPER D2611-0.47310322Black“94”
079HMAXIMUS 31D53 ET12-1.1578418Red“75”
082HLSF CONQUEROR 0026X13-2.6589721Red“50”
086HPISTOL PETE 214A4412-1.97210715Red“63”
091HPOST ROCK BLK BAL 106E815-2.96410719Black“50”
093HPOST ROCK POWER PLUS 84E1 ET101.1608625Black (not Homo – D)“63”
097HPOST ROCK BLK BAL 106E810-0.26510024Black (Homo – D)“75”
099HMR 898F17-1.6598020Red“88”