To see more information about a particular bull, please visit the American Gelbvieh Association, and use their animal search feature to view complete statistics. Enter the tag number (i.e. MLM311A) into the Prefix and Tattoo field and click “Search”.

Videos of our 2020 sale bulls are now available on DV Auction and listed by number.  Click Here for Videos!

9101GMR 667D100.3597718Black75%
910GCARTWRIGHT 140X7517-2.2558012Red75%
9115GMR 667D10-0.1648922Black75%
9117GPOST ROCK BLK BAL 106E81016810021Black63%
911GWOW FACTOR 254C28215-0.9649619Black50%
9122GPOST ROCK BLK BAL 106E8100.86810522Black50%
9129GSCC TRACTION 88E13-1.3568325Black50%
912GWOW FACTOR 254C28212-0.47110721Black50%
9130GHART 35W34130557013Red94%
9133GPOST ROCK POWER PLUS 84E1 ET13-1.1629518Black63%
914GBLACK MARBLE TENDER 006X12-0.26610020Black63%
915GWOW FACTOR 254C28213-1659323Black63%
917GCARTWRIGHT 140X7518-3497418Red75%
926GBASIN PAYWEIGHT PLUS 604816-1.57712727Black24%
928GLSF CONQUEROR 0026X14-0.86910919Red50%
929GWOW FACTOR 254C28214-1.16910319Black50%
931GLSF CONQUEROR 0026X12-2578922Red50%
932GBOLTON PAY DAY 45C15-2.1507221Black94%
933GQUAKER HILL FIRESTORM 3PT117-3.36910326Black50%
934GWOW FACTOR 254C28214-0.1689923Red63%
935GWOW FACTOR 254C2821307211021Black50%
940GWOW FACTOR 254C28213-0.57611421Black50%
941GPISTOL PETE 214A4413-0.17310420Black75%
952GWOW FACTOR 254C28214-1.1649823Black50%
955GBOLTON PAY DAY 45C14-1.3568021Black94%
956GBASIN PAYWEIGHT PLUS 6048120.47812426Black50%
957GBLACK MARBLE TENDER 006X130.17812217Black50%
968GWOW FACTOR 254C282110.97511421Red38%
976GWOW FACTOR 254C28214-0.76910618Black50%
983GBASIN PAYWEIGHT PLUS 604816-1.67511830Black38%
984GBOLTON PAY DAY 45C13-1.2608718Black75%
989GBASIN PAYWEIGHT PLUS 604813-0.97211027Black50%
997GPOST ROCK BLK BAL 106E8111.26510227Black50%
999GPOST ROCK BLK BAL 106E813-0.66510220Black50%